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The General English online courses help you improve all your skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and learn the grammar, vocabulary and cultural knowledge necessary for using English in an international context. There is an emphasis on practical, effective and natural communication.

Course Structure

This course works on rolling enrolment, so you can join on any Monday and study any number of weeks. We offer flexible timetables with 7.5, 15 or 22.5 hours available per week, to fit around your schedule; the more hours per week studied, the faster you will progress. Therefore, the syllabus covers a wide range of important areas and is designed to be adaptable to help us teach you according to your needs.


Two 90-minute classes per day, making 15 hours per week.

You will normally have two different teachers each week. The two classes have a different focus:

09:15 ‒ 10:45:
We use a general English coursebook, which has a balance of skills, vocabulary and grammar. Every morning we also teach you a Phrase of the Day, to help you sound natural.

11:15 - 12:45
We use a general English coursebook, which has a balance of skills, vocabulary and grammar. You'll start the class with a Cultural Question, to help you understand the cultures of the UK and other students.

There is a £40 enrolment fee for all new students

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When you have booked your course, we will send you our one-hour placement test for you to complete (if you haven't completed it already), so we can decide the best level for you. We have online classes from Elementary – Advanced (minimum numbers apply).

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